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While helicopters and powered lift aircraft are able to operate on a variety of relatively flat surfaces, a fabricated helipad provides a clearly marked hard surface away from obstacles where such aircraft can land safely. Eco-Flex® manufactures environmentally friendly, 100% recycled rubber helicopter pads.


Size: 14′ L x 7’6” W x 3.2″ | 4.27 m L x 2.29 m W x 0.08 m

Overlap: optional

Weight: 1850 lbs [+/- 50 lbs] | 839 kg [+/- 23 kg]

Handling Method: 4 Point Lifting Lugs, optional

Applications: Emergency landing pads, military base, rural hospitals, forestries projects.

Shipping: FOB, Legal, Alberta, Canada


  • TemporaryPortable
  • Easy handling requiring no mechanical devices to fasten
  • Durable and long-lasting with a lifespan of 50 years +
  • Overlap link reducing weed growth at seams
  • High insulating value
  • Easy maintenance
  • Extremely resilient to absorbing liquids
  • Shock absorption, slip resistant & traction control
  • Optional lifting lugs double as tie-down points
  • Lines or markings can be painted on for high visibility and safety
  • Permeable and flexible to uneven round
  • Durable and safe operating surface for heavy equipment and refueling stations
  • Static charge dissipates due to the rubber content in mats
  • Resistant to IEDs, fire arms and fire
  • Environmentally friendly, manufactured from recycled rubber tires


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