Rumble Strip


Rumble Strip

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CAD drawings, 3D models and specifications:
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 Size: 65″ L x 13″ W / 1.65 m x 0.33 m (per unit)
 Thickness: 3/4″ / 0.2 m Middle
 Weight: 29 lbs / 13 kg
 Color: Black & Yellow Stripes
 Applications: Flagger Operations, Pilot Car Operations, Temporary Lane Closures, Paving Projects, Maintenance Tasks, Emergency Traffic Control, Temporary Checkpoints & More
 Shipping: TBD
 Delivery: FOB Legal, Alberta, Canada

Advantages & Benefits:

 Designed to reduce accidents and save lives, our Rumble Strip Mats alert drivers of changing road conditions.
 Can significantly reduce the major causes of work zone accidents and fatalities: “Driving too fast for conditions, following too closely to the car ahead, and or making improper lane changes.”.
 Can shake drivers from distractions, whether it is manual - like tuning the radio, visual - like reading a billboard, or cognitive - like talking on the phone.
 Provide sounds that alert drivers when passing by.
Made from 100% recycled rubber tires.


 No glue, no nails, no adhesive is required for installation.
 Simply conforms to the surface of the road.
 Users can install and remove them in minutes.
 No pulling nails or removing adhesives from the road.
 Rumble Strip Mats are reusable !


 Easy to install, remove, transport and store
 Users can install and remove our strips from the road without any mechanical equipment.
 Easy to transport by truck or car from one job to the next.


 Our Rumble Strip Mats resist most inclement cold and warm weather alike.
 Three to five year life span when appropriately handled.


Rumble Strip - Eco-flex Recycle Rubber Solutions from Eco-Flex on Vimeo.