I-Mat Interlock Filler

The Eco-Flex® filler is an instant and aesthetic solution to finish any project. Characterized by the popular ‘dog-bone’ pattern, this fully interlocking and patented design is ideal for resurfacing or new project applications.The thickness provides the required durability for vehicular traffic and can be used for driveway applications. The safe, anti-slip surface also provides all season, all weather durability. 





Left filler: 54.250" W x 17.250" L
Right filler: 58.500" W x 17.250" L
Sides filler: 7.875" W x 85.125" x L
Left filler: 27 lbs
Right filler: 30 lbs
Sides filler: 28 lbs
 Colors: Grey, Black, Redwood, Brown, Terra-Cotta
 Applications: Equestrian flooring, boulevards, & resurfacing.
 Shipping: FOB Legal, Alberta, Canada 


 Made from 100% recycled rubber tires.
 Characterized by the “dog-bone” pattern, this I-mat offers a patented full 4-way interlock design 
 Is recommended for all outdoor applications and is ideal for installations on a compacted gravel base.
 In areas where there are no edge or wall restraints snap-edging or restraint bordering of some type may be recommended (Not necessarily required in all situations).
 An ideal alternative to brick pavers.
 Extremely fast & easy to install.
 Safe, anti-slip surface.
 All season all-weather durability.
 Patented fully interlocking design.


COLORS: (Actual colors may vary)


I-mat Interlock filler - Eco-flex Recycled Rubber Solutions from Eco-Flex on Vimeo.