Eco-Flex Safety Walkways


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Eco-Flex® Safety Walkways provide a permanent or temporary access solution. They are designed with a unique overlapping linking system and the surface is textured to provide excellent traction for all types of traffic. The Safety Walkway also features a rigid spine and lifting lugs for easy and accurate placement. These walkways are cost-effective and ideal for construction, municipalities or on-site business use.


Size: 120″ L x 30” W x 2″ | 3.05 m L x 0.76 m W x 0.05 m

Weight: 270 lbs [+/- 50 lbs] | 122 kg [+/- 23 kg]

Applications: Construction walkways & sidewalks, industrial walkways & sidewalks, camp walkways & more.

Shipping: FOB, Legal, Alberta, Canada


  • Reflective yellow tape on edges to promote visibility and safety.
  • Lifting Lugs embedded within mat for easy and accurate placement with equipment.
  • Reinforced with a patented rigid spine for added rigidity.
  • Anti slip and designed to handle any excessive weight.
  • Cost-effective and easy to fit.
  • Easily installed in just a few seconds.
  • Provide a durable, safe means of navigating uneven surfaces.
  • Made from recycled rubber tires which will provide years and years of service.
  • Ideal for construction/paving contractors, municipalities or on-site business use.


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