Recycle Rubber Grant Programs



Now open for 2021 applications!

Kal’s RePlay Fund provides grants to Canadian non-profit organizations for recycled rubber products, such as roofing, playground surfaces, flooring, matting, paving and more. For more information and to access the application form, click here: Community – Replay | Kal Tire

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding this application please visit this website and contact KalTire at 250-558-3200 ext 528 and

What is Kal’s Replay Fund?

Kal’s RePlay Fund offers competitive grants to registered Canadian charities and non-profit organizations to access products made from recycled tires in the provinces and territories where Kal Tire does business.

What qualifies for funding from Kal’s RePlay Fund?

Common products made of recycled rubber include, but are not limited to, playground surfaces, flooring, roofing, landscape tiles and mulch, paving, running tracks, and livestock mats. Funding can only be used toward the purchasefreight and installation of recycled rubber products made of scrap tires generated in Canada. Funding is also available to cover the cost of signage to promote your organization, Kal’s RePlay Fund and educate the public on tire recycling. Taxes are not eligible costs.

Where can you find recycled rubber products?

Kal Tire participates in tire recycling in a variety of ways, but we do not manufacture or sell recycled rubber products. Organizations interested in applying must independently source recycled rubber products and installation services from third parties. You can locate recycled rubber product vendors on provincial tire stewardship websites (find provincial stewards here:

When are applications accepted?

The application cycle opens in January each year and remains open until all funds are awarded.

Funding Limits

Kal’s RePlay Fund is a competitive grant program available in provinces and territories where we do business (excludes Maritime Provinces). Funding is limited annually and if all funds are awarded prior to the end of the calendar year this will be noted on our website and applications will not be accepted until the next funding cycle begins in January. We want to spread the impact of the fund across all regions where we do business and therefore will limit the amount of funding we award in each province/territory.

Multiple Funding Sources

Organizations that have confirmed or are pursuing multiple funding sources for their project will be given preference. For example, applicants who are organizing community fundraisers or applying for other grants for their project, will likely be prioritized over other applicants. In particular, applicants are encouraged to apply for funding from their provincial tire stewardship organization (e.g. Tire Stewardship BC, Alberta Recycling Management Authority, Tire Stewardship Manitoba).

Communication with Applicants

A Kal Tire selection committee will review every complete application and select projects that best fit our selection criteria as well as the geographic distribution of our business locations. The selection committee may not have the capacity to respond to every organization that applies and reserves the right to prioritize communication and follow up with those organizations that are short-listed based on best fit with the selection criteria and geographic distribution of our business.