A Top Choice in
Sound Barrier Walls.

The Eco-Wall and HD Eco-Wall panels are made from 100% recycled rubber and have been proven to significantly reduce highway traffic noise to nearby residential areas improving quality of life for those that live adjacent to a busy highway.

our fully tested
ECo-Wall offers a more sustainable solution than concrete or wood.

When it comes to making the right product choice based on durability, maintenance and low installation costs, our Eco-Wall is a more economical buy when compared to other materials.


Why use the Eco-Wall

Eco Flex Environmentally friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Made with 100% recycled rubber crumb from used tires.

Reduces Noise

Absorbing and deflective materials significantly reduce traffic noise.

Visually Appealing

Preserves aesthetic values and scenic vistas. A variety of colors are available.


The Eco-Wall is extremely durable and long lasting, even in the toughest climates. It has a reinforced rigid spine for added strength.

Easy to Install

No heavy equipment is needed to install an Eco-Wall. Panels are installed horizontally with tongue and groove joints.


Panels can be easily placed, relocated and removed as required.

What others are saying
about the Eco-Wall

“The product is very easy to work with and it looks amazing. We are getting lots of compliments from our neighbours and people driving by. I highly recommend this product.”
“We were truly impressed by the simplicity of the
installation process as compared to a standard wood fence....Not only is this project visually appealing, it gives us piece of mind knowing we are helping minimize the impact of our carbon footprint by utilizing this unique
recycled product!”