Industrial Floor Mats

Eco-Flex® Industrial Rubber Floor Mats come in a variety of thicknesses to suit individual need and preference. The surface has a standard checker-plate pattern texture and is very suitable for work bench areas or truck box liner applications.




 Size: 119″ L x 46″ W. | 3.02 m x 1.18 m
- 1/2″, 135 lbs | 0.13 m, 61 kg
- 1″, 210 lbs | 0.25 m, 95 kg
 Applications: Walkway resurfacing, Anti fatigue mats, Compressor shack flooring, Shop flooring & More
 Shipping: FOB Legal, Alberta, Canada


Made from 100% recycled rubber tires.
 They are strong, tough, and resilient against a variety of conditions.
 Depending on the type of use, our Floor Mats will last for many years.
 Floor Mats are very easy to take care of.
 It is generally more stain resistant than other products. Cleaning the surface with a water-soluble wax emulsion will also make it more resistant to damage.
 Cleaning generally requires no more than the use of a mop and warm clean water.
 Despite the fact that it has commercial-grade durability, Floor Mats are actually quite soft to the touch. This can be important for helping to relieve stress fatigue associated with standing or walking for long periods of time, making this a popular flooring choice in retail locations.
 The soft yielding nature of rubber also makes it an appropriate floor for a variety of areas.
 Eco-Flex Floor Mats are nonporous which means that you don’t have to worry about damage from basic liquid spills. This makes it a popular floor for wet environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.
 Floor Mats are fire resistant, resistant to burns left from cigarette butts and other small heat sources.
 Depending on the thickness of the tiles, rubber can act as a powerful sound barrier between floors in a building.
 Its natural elasticity can also reduce noise from walking and rolling carts.