Keystone Interlock

Characterized by the elegant keystone-cobble pattern, this fully interlocking and patented design is ideal for resurfacing or new project applications. The interlocking design allows for simple and quick installation with each tile covering 9 1/2 square-feet. The thickness provides the required durability for vehicular traffic and can be used for driveway applications. The safe, anti-slip surface also provides all season, all weather durability. 




 Size: 37″ W x 37″ L x 1-1/8″ (9.5 sqft)
 Weight: 65 lbs 
 Colors: Grey, Black, Redwood, Brown, Terra-Cotta
 Applications: Sidewalks, Equine Flooring, Boulevard Surfaces, Compacted surface, ideal for both in-ground and re-surfacing.
 Shipping: FOB Legal, Alberta, Canada


 Offers a patented true 4-way interlock with the elegance of the keystone-cobble pattern.
 Recommended for all pedestrian applications and installations.
 In areas where there are no edge or wall restraints, snap-edging or restraint bordering of some type may be recommended. (Not necessarily required in all situations).
 An ideal alternative to brick pavers.
 Extremely fast & easy to install.
 Safe, anti-slip surface.
 All season all-weather durability.
 Patented fully interlocking design.
 Made from 100% recycled rubber tires.


COLORS: (Actual colors may vary)