Churchill individual pavers


Churchill individual pavers

Eco-Flex® Churchill pavers are very similar in shape and application use as
traditional brick pavers. The beneficial characteristics of the Eco-Flex®
Churchill paver is the quick installation factor as well as the safe, anti-slip
surface. These tiles also hold all season, all-weather durability.
It is highly recommended that some form of snap or restraint edging be used
for proper installation.


Legal, Alberta, Canada, Stock | Quantity on 2nds depends on current stock.

At this time the Churchill bricks are discontinued for $1.00 on a current stock unless a minimum order of 5000 is placed and the price would be $3.50 per brick




Stock in Legal, AB:
 Brown - 1790



 Size: 4” x 8” x 2.5”  / 0.10 m x 0.20 m x 0.06 m
 Delivery: FOB Legal, Alberta, Canada.


 Environmentally friendly, made from a recycled rubber material.
 Designed to showcase a high profile finish in a number of pattern variations, specially designed for heavy traffic, public parks, and walkways.
 Installed over a sand base.
 Easy handling and simple and Quick Installation.
 Provides instant access once installed.
 Flexible - will not crack or separate from frost heaves like concrete.
 Long lasting, durable product.
 All season, all weather durability including snow plowing and de-icing.
 Safe, anti-slip surface can reduce liability claims.