The Importance of Using Recycled Materials for a Project

The Importance of Using Recycled Materials for a Project


In 1990, there was an estimated amount of over 1 billion scrap tires in stockpiles in the United States. This was recognized as being both problematic and concerning for the environment since tires consume a lot of space and are not biodegradable. Luckily, in more recent years companies such as Eco-Flex are transforming a century-old environmental problem into a collection of innovative solutions for industrial, municipal, commercial, agricultural, and residential applications.


When using recycled materials such as tires for your next project, you reduce the consumption level of natural raw materials, save energy by decreasing harmful emissions, minimize the space needed for landfills, and reduce the costs associated with construction.


While tires continue to infringe upon landfills today, Eco-Flex specifically focuses on the reuse of tires and has gradually developed new materials with the use of the tires. Some of their more notable products include sports field surfacing, traffic control, and rubber flooring.  Their access mats, rig mats, industrial sidewalks, access ramps, and planks are used in the construction, oil & gas, mining, and power generation sectors.


Eco-Flex has a presence in Canada, USA, Mexico, Russia, India, and Southern Africa through their vast network of regional dealers and sales agents. Their products are sold throughout North America, South America, Asia, and the rest of the world. All raw material is Western Canada and California based. As of 2015, only 67 million tires remain in stockpiles[2] which although this number is still cumbersome, it is gradually being reduced thanks to companies such as Eco-Flex.


With the tires that they use for repurposing, they have products that can be used in the construction, landscaping, sports, flooring, and transportation industries. So they are not only benefiting the landfills but also leading the AEC industry into a greener future.



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