Helicopter Pad applications for emergency landing pads.

Helicopter Pad applications for emergency landing pads.


Size: 14′ L x 7'6'' W / 4.27 m x 2.29 m
Thickness: 4.2″ / 0.11 m
Weight: 2550 lbs [+/- 50 lbs] / 1157 kg [+/- 23 kg]
Handling Method: 4 Point Lifting Lugs
Applications: Emergency landing pads, military base, rural hospitals, forestries projects.
Delivery: FOB, Legal, Alberta, Canada

Advantages & Benefits:

Temporary, Durable, Portable.
Reflective yellow tape on edges to promote visibility and safety (with or without yellow stripes).
Environmentally friendly.
Manufactured from recycled tires.
Easy handling.
Durable and long-lasting.
Overlap link reducing weed growth at seams.
High insulating value.
Easy maintenance.
Resilient to absorbing liquids.
Shock absorption and traction control.
Lifting lugs double as tie-down points.
Will never rot.
Lines or markings can be painted on for safety.

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