Eco-Walk Industrial Walkways vs dozer.

Eco-Walk Industrial Walkways vs dozer.


Size: 14' x 46'' / 4.27 m x 1.17 m
Thickness: 3.2" / 0.08 m
Weight: 950 lbs [+/- 50 lbs] / 431 kg [+/- 23 kg]
Applications: Construction walkways & sidewalks, industrial walkways & sidewalks, camp walkways & more.
Shipping: 42 Mats per 20 Overseas Container
Delivery: FOB, Legal, Alberta, Canada.
Patent no: 4,883,796 Registered Jan.12, 2016, United States of America

Advantages & Benefits:

Permanent and portable and offer the durability required to withstand constant pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
Reflective yellow tape on edges to promote visibility and safety (with or without yellow stripes).
Flexible and will not crack or separate from frost heaves like concrete.
Modular slabs can be lifted and re-set as required.
Provides instant access once installed.
All season, all weather durability including snow plowing and de-icing.
Safe, anti-slip surface can reduce liability claims.
Allows for instant access to underground utilities without losing investment.
Unique over/underlap design to help prevent weed growth while also reinforcing proper installation.
Surfaces are comfortable to walk on and will be sure to put a “bounce” into everyone’s step.
Allows personnel to work and access industrial machinery and equipment as well as building structures or living quarters.
They have a long life-capacity, benefits include textured pattern on the surface allowing easy transit of equipment and people, therefore reducing the risk of accidents.
Made of recycled rubber tires, the structures resist corrosion and can handle great loads, making them a must for a variety of industrial applications.


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