Temporary Construction Access Walkways

Size:10' x 30" & 5' x 30"


Weight:350 lbs(10') & 175 lbs (5')

Application:Temporary Contruction Walkways



  • Temporary Construction Access Walkways
  • Temporary Construction Access Walkways
  • Temporary Construction Access Walkways

Made from environmentally friendly recycled rubber tires.

With the ever increasing competitive consumer market, green businesses are becoming the preference of choice.

Promote SAFETY... Not only have our walkways been designed to have superior traction, they are lined with bright yellow chevron safety strips on either side to provide a visual safe passage plus it will also give you a professional curb side marketing edge over your competition.

Walkway Size… Designed at 30 inches wide, which exceeds Occupation Health and Safety’s minimum requirements for temporary access system width. There are two lengths available; at 5’ and 10’ with a variety of attachments.

Mitigate Snow and Ice Problems… Because the walkways are made from black rubber tires, they easily absorb the natural radiation from the sun. In turn, even in minus 15°C days, the snow and ice typically melts right off them. Not only will this save your business money in snow shoving maintenance but more importantly, it provides a safe passage.

Absorption Characteristics... Resists most liquids including water, petroleum products and insects.

Temperature... No adverse physical effects, although the stiffness will increase at extreme freezing temperatures. Our walkways can be removed during freezing conditions, as rubber will not bond to ice and snow.

Abrasion Resistance... Virtually indestructible, resist abrasive traffic over a long period.

Walkway Rigidity... Reinforced with a PATENTED rigid spine.

Installation... Designed so they can be installed over excessive soft or muddy ground conditions.

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